Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar – You can’t just wake up one day and realize it’s an important holiday and create a celebration campaign on the fly. Such a strategy is doomed to failure, or at the very least, does not get the traction it deserves.

Use this to write down key sales dates associated with your brand in the coming year. Next, plan your marketing campaigns in advance, including special product launches, giveaways, and special discounts.

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

One page ecommerce marketing calendar PDF with all dates. Then, each month is detailed, including holiday marketing examples to help spark your ideas and templates you can use to get started.

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Before I dive into the dates of each month and provide helpful examples and templates, here’s a one-page overview of the 2022 ecommerce marketing calendar.

We have done our best to fill this e-commerce calendar with various dates around the world. This includes holidays, sporting events, awareness days, themed days, or anything else you can build a marketing campaign on.

Some of these dates are irrelevant to your business. There are also some “special” dates that we have decided not to list here (National Cow Appreciation Day, anyone?) For a comprehensive list of these, I recommend visiting the National Today website.

Don’t forget that you can create your campaign now using the template provided and schedule it for delivery in advance using the ‘Broadcast Campaign’ feature 💪

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Aside from our usual New Year’s resolutions, we don’t have a specific theme for this month. However, there are many important dates to celebrate and acknowledge.

Above all, aim to spread positivity. After all, the cold and everything indoors can make people depressed.To help you do that, we’ve included a few carefree days.

Blue Monday is known as “the saddest day of the year” due to its long history of bad weather, long nights and festivities.

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

So Samaritan launched a campaign to encourage people to actually talk to their loved ones and colleagues.

Retail Marketing Calendar 2022: Key Dates & Campaign Ideas

Turn the saddest day of the year around by planning a similar campaign to spread smiles. This includes a buy one get him one free deal from a virtual gathering of VIP customers.

February, which is Black History Month in the United States and Canada and her LGBTQ History Month in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, can be a very important date in people’s memories in those regions.

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In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Ferrero Rocher asked fans to share Valentine’s photos using the hashtag #FerreroValentineSweeps and tag them on Instagram or Facebook.

But that’s not even the best part. Ferrero Rocher remembers the winner by offering a $400 gift her card and her 30-minute phone consultation session with gift giving expert and her lifestyle influencer Alison Deite I was able to provide the experience.

Student Services / Career & College Promise

Connect with Valentine’s Day influencers. To enter the contest, decide what you want the buyer to do (tag a friend, make a certain amount of purchase, or take a picture with the item).

Publish your contest rules and giveaways on social, create a landing page for your giveaways, and share all the entry rules he’s in one place.

March marks the beginning of spring for people in the northern hemisphere and marks many important days. It’s also the month of the college basketball event March His Madness.

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

Nike pays tribute to mothers by documenting their pregnancy and postpartum journeys in videos featuring athletes like Serena Williams, Alex Morgan and Bianca Williams.

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Not only did the video resonate with people, but it also became a great Mother’s Day marketing campaign for sportswear giant maternity her line, Nike(M).

If this resonates with your target demographic, consider ways to empower your mother in March (or her May in the US and Canada).

April is celebrated as the month of diversity. It’s also National Poetry Month in the United States, just as 2022 marks the end of all Easter, Ramadan, and Passover festivals.

For April Fool’s Day, Innocent and Heinz teamed up to create a spoofed combination of two of their products. SMOUP — Together for Smoothies and Soups:

Urban Design Thesis Prize: Briana Flynn’s

Smoothie + Soup = We’ve teamed up with SMOUP @HeinzUK to create a delicious new drink. Liquid fruit and liquid vegetables? This is liquid gold. #SMOUP pic.twitter.com/CCyO2rec8y — Innocent Drinks (@innocent) April 1, 2021

You can easily steal April Fool’s Day ideas. Create hype on social and design mockup products to complete fake product landing pages and increase engagement.

Landing pages can also include action buttons that prompt users to sign up for newsletters, offer discounts, and so on.

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

NAKEDCASHMERE and Evolved are spreading awareness for Mental Health Awareness Month with unique spins, including the launch of limited-edition masks emblazoned with the phrase ‘Kind of Mind’.

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The best part: For every mask NAKEDCASHMERE sells for her, he donates $5 to Silence the Shame, a mental health education nonprofit.

However, make sure you communicate clearly and clearly about your donation-based support efforts. Use sticky bars (like her NAKEDCASHMERE did in the screenshot above) to keep the initiative front and center while visitors browse your products.

June is LGBT Pride Month. If you advocate diversity and inclusion, we encourage you to remember or acknowledge this month. It’s also the time when most people in the northern hemisphere start thinking about summer.

Chobani, a natural and dairy alternative brand, celebrated summer with a simple and effective campaign to add summer flavor to their product collection.

The Ultimate 2023 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar

This provokes his FOMO and is a great way to increase sales. Customers don’t want to miss out on special flavors because they know they’ll be gone when the season is over.

In June 2022, we will be launching our limited edition Summer His Shopping Collection. And to make sure shoppers don’t miss out, he uses one of his sticky bar templates to unveil an exclusive summer collection.

This is a very important month in the ecommerce marketing calendar as it includes US Independence Day, Canada Day, and usually when Amazon schedules Prime Day events. It also adds a touch of summer – at least in the northern hemisphere.

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

Audio brand Bose has taken its love of ice cream to the next level this summer. They joined forces with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream on National Ice Cream Day. Truckers in New York and Los Angeles sold both the company’s products.

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This is a great example of building a campaign on one of his more obscure dates.

Thinking of a collaboration like driving around town in an ice cream van? No worries. Collaborate with other stores and get creative while keeping everything online.

For example, let’s say you own a stationery store. Partner with online bookstores and offer discount codes to your customers to get their favorite books at low prices for summer reading.

August is celebrated as the Black Business Month. Children also begin to return to school around this time. This is very important for stationery stores and retail stores that sell school and office supplies.

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Student Email Share her address and the student will get her 15% discount on her ASOS from August to the end of September.

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But here’s a creative twist. Your unique student discount code is now active until the student graduates. Talk about creating long-term customers for your shop!

There is also a small segment of the audience by asking if the person is interested in menswear or womenswear, which means ASOS will only send relevant follow-up his emails and messages. increase.

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

September is a month of friendship celebrations and a month of self-improvement. This includes Labor Day in the United States. This is an important holiday when many consumers expect retail sales and discounts.

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Awara Sleep has launched a pre-Labor Day sale. Not only are we offering huge discounts on mattress prices, but we are also offering freebies worth $499.

Want to launch a discount campaign for Labor Day or the fall season in general? Try these templates with built-in countdown timers.

October marks the start of a pivotal fourth quarter in the ecommerce marketing calendar. This is a great promotional factor for many online and offline retailers. Halloween and Fall/Autumn are also two major themes throughout the month.

This month, Chewy took a fun approach and introduced Halloween-themed pet products to delight customers, including themed costumes and “scary and fun” toys.

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Just like Chewy, customize your CTA and decorate your entire store with a Halloween theme. You can also launch limited-time theme-based product collections.

From a retail calendar perspective, November is known for its Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday weekend madness. But overall, the month is also notable for Movember, which aims to spread awareness about men’s health issues.

With so many sales going on around town, Butah Skins kept it simple and effective by pairing up with an influencer to offer his 30% off.

Wake Tech Spring 2023 Calendar

The biggest thing to note here is that they pitched a compelling message. Treat your body like royalty.

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It’s as easy as creating an eye-catching theme like the Buttah skin above. Or, like REI’s #OptOutside campaign, they deliberately oppose Black Friday and take bold action to close stores and raise brand awareness.

Create his CTA for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday with an emphasis on urgency using these templates with built-in countdown timers. Remember to schedule your BFCM campaign in advance

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