Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023 – West Georgia Technical College has returned to normal business hours at our campuses and other locations. See our WGTC return to campus schedule for more information. Please scroll down for updates.

West Georgia Technical College has no higher priority than the health and safety of our community members.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

We recognize that this is a rapidly evolving issue and that the recommendations of the US Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may change frequently.

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We encourage all members of the College community to check the CDC website as it provides up-to-date information for reference.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

Prevention is an important step with any virus, like the flu or this coronavirus, so it’s important to protect yourself and take precautions against spreading it to others. Updates are posted below as they become available.

With the recent increase in CCIDID-19 cases, diversity, and policy changes from the CDC, the country has issued an updated policy regarding isolation and control of CCIDID-19 tests, symptomatic versus asymptomatic cases, and exposure. We want you to know that our college accepts guidance and updates as they become available, directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH). We are also fortunate to have live calls and sometimes one-on-ones with DPH to discuss protocols. These are the protocols West Georgia Technical College has been, is, and will continue to follow.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

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During the virus, we followed the agency’s guidelines and had good success throughout our college. Another important point to keep in mind is that we must react to the symptoms of each case as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is one reason why it is so important for everyone to use the COVID-19 Notification Reporting Form. Use this form immediately if you test positive, have been in contact with a known criminal closer than six feet for more than 15 minutes, or if you are experiencing symptoms that may be related to COVID-15. Please fill out the form carefully so that all relevant information is checked. Please understand that by completing the COVID-19 notification reporting form, our response to you will be based on the most recent guidelines and recommendations from CDC and DPH. The form also helps us determine if we have a hot spot at the college and may need to consider further action.

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Due to the many illnesses in the community right now, if you are sick, we recommend that you get tested to see if you have COVID-19 or something else. However, if you have a fever, do not go to campus until the fever passes and you can go 24 hours without fever or medication used to control it. As always, guidelines from CDC and DPH change over time; we will continue to change with it.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

Reminder: If you are exposed, have symptoms, or have been tested, please complete the COVID-19 Notification Reporting Form. You will receive an email advising you of the action to take, if any. Situations will be reviewed carefully and individually based on your self-reported situation.

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Thank you for your help in running the WGTC efficiently and effectively so that we can continue to educate and serve you in the best possible way. We are looking forward to a great spring semester!

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

After March 24, 2021 WGTC is suspending weekly updates due to the low number of CCID cases on campus. We will continue to monitor legitimate reporting issues and resume public updates if issues arise and become an area of ​​concern.

Students, thank you for a great start to the spring semester at West Georgia Technical College! As we continue to navigate the CCID-19 pandemic, we appreciate your willingness to adapt and keep our college community safe and healthy. As you know, in early January we made the decision to move some in-person, on-campus classes to a January-specific format and extended that change into February. We are happy to say that at this time, we plan to bring these classes back to campus as early as March 1st. We know the situation could worsen again, so stay tuned, but March 1st is likely at this time. Of course, this does not affect you who are already registered and taking 100 online courses. This only applies to those who have registered for classes that have been rescheduled for a short period of time. Affected students will receive additional information via Blackboard email prior to March 1.

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Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

Dear Joanna — Herstry

For those of you already taking classes and labs on campus, I can assure you that we are continuing to improve the health and safety of our facilities. For those of you returning to campus for the first time, we believe you will be pleased with what you find. Over the past 11 months, WGTC has made several changes to keep us all safe on campus.

This week we have begun installing Bi-Polar Ionization technology in every HVAC unit in every location. BPI technology is widely used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to maintain indoor air quality. BPI results in increased capture and destruction of not only the COVID-19 virus, but also other airborne viruses and even scents and odors. All areas should be covered by this system by mid-March.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

As you can see, we are working hard to follow all the measures to fight COVID-19. As we continue to wear masks, go so far as to make these changes, we hope you feel safe at school and we are confident that we are doing everything we can to make you as safe as possible.

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Please remember that if you test positive for COVID-19 or have been directly exposed, you must email your teacher with COVID@ so that our COVID response team can advise you on how to return to safe way to school.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

Thank you again for working together to defeat this epidemic. We all look forward to the day when many of these steps can be taken away and we can return to more normal routines.

Due to the increase in CCID-19 cases in our community, WGTC is moving some on-campus courses online in January. All affected students have been emailed to the student’s email address. Also, when each of these lessons is available on Blackboard, students will receive a notification and a schedule of online activities. These courses will meet in an online format during the month of January. They will begin meeting on campus on February 1, unless circumstances change in the meantime.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

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As we move into flu season and other illnesses over the coming months, we will continue to deal with CCIDID and the expected increase in the number of confirmed cases.

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Our COVID team is increasing its coordination with the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) in case reporting and monitoring. We appreciate your help as we work to keep everyone safe and healthy, and we ask for your continued support. We are all tired of masks, distance and cleaning, but this time we cannot give up.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

Please wear your mask as much as possible – bearing in mind that they are required in all classrooms and common areas. Maintain a social distance of at least the recommended six meters if possible and wash your hands with soap and water several times a day. Do not share food, drink or other items including your phone. In laboratories, please clean tools or instruments before passing them on to others. Use hand sanitizer if you don’t have soap and water. Disinfectant should not be taken as a substitute for soap and water.

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To help reduce the spread of COVID, do not come to campus if you are sick. Immediately report CCIDID to COVID@ and provide your first and last name, campus where you meet, date of birth, address, county of residence, phone number and date of meeting. If you are a student, please provide your student ID. This information is important for reporting to DPH.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

The COVID team cannot and does not give you medical advice. The team can only provide guidance on quarantine dates using guidelines from CDC and DPH. Please do not contact the team for illnesses other than COVID. If you are ill, you may want to seek treatment and advice from a medical professional. Many illnesses look the same, and only a medical exam can diagnose a case of COVID, the flu, or another illness.

The team assesses each case based on its unique circumstances, so the person directly affected should be the one to speak. This allows us to determine the appropriate measures to block and notify others.

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

University Of West Georgia Campus Center

We ask for your cooperation in following all these guidelines and thank you for working together to keep us healthy.

You may have heard a lot about coronavirus testing lately. If you think you have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and need to be tested, speak up

Uwg Academic Calendar 2023

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