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Utsa 2023 Calendar – (TEXAS TRIBUNE) – The University of Texas at San Antonio is taking heat from the UT System Board of Regents for its recent decision to no longer display the famous “Come and Get It” flag at football games after some in the university community they argued. the slogan has a racist history.

Regents Chairman Kevin Eltife said in a statement last week that he was disappointed by UTSA President Taylor Eighmy’s decision to end the six-year tradition, which included unveiling a huge banner with the slogan in the student section during the fourth quarter game. and fire a cannon.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

Utsa 2023 Calendar

“The Board of Regents does not support abandoning the traditions and history that mean so much to students, alumni and other Texans,” Eltife said. “I am deeply disappointed by this decision and will immediately ask our Board to establish policies to ensure that the governing body of the UT System will have the opportunity in the future to be consulted before changing important university traditions and observances.”

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UTSA began displaying the flag in 2011, the school’s first football season, and in 2016 it became an official tradition to inspire fans and challenge opponents on the field.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

The origins of the flag, which includes the slogan and the image of a cannon under a star, come from the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas Revolution of 1835. As the story goes, the Mexican authorities borrowed a small cannon to the city of Gonzales for protection against Native American tribes. When the Mexican troops demanded the return of the cannon, the people of Gonzales responded by raising a handmade flag with the words “Come and take it.”

The flag has long been a symbol of Texas pride and has been commonly adopted by groups that send a message of defiance or protest against the government, such as Second Amendment advocates and civil rights advocates. of abortion.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

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Opponents of the tradition at UTSA have expressed concern that versions of the motto were superimposed on Confederate flags flown in the Jan. 6 riot and were co-opted by groups expressing anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant sentiments. .

Nearly 60 percent of UTSA’s nearly 35,000 students are Hispanic, and the school is designated by the federal government as a Hispanic institution. The university also emphasized its desire to be a “thriving Hispanic institution.”

Utsa 2023 Calendar

Some historians have said that while this particular moment in history sparked a sense of rebellion against the Mexican government, it also resulted in an anti-Mexican sentiment that led to the Republic of Texas. The eventual creation of the Republic of Texas also led to the relegalization of slavery in that territory.

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“Tejanos lost land, they lost political office, they lost economic power,” UTSA history professor Omar Valerio-Jimenez said of this period in history. “It’s not a time when Tejanos did well.”

Utsa 2023 Calendar

Eighmy declined an interview request, but said in a statement to the Texas Tribune on Monday that he appreciates the board’s perspective.

“We look forward to continuing our work together to advance education, research and service for the public good,” Eighmy said.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

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UTSA administrators began acknowledging the tradition in August, when the school unveiled a new $40 million athletic facility called the Roadrunner Athletics Center of Excellence, or RACE, and decorated it with the flag and slogan.

A former UTSA professor launched a petition, which garnered about 960 signatures, arguing that UTSA should remove the phrase because it is “anti-Mexican and pro-slavery.”

Utsa 2023 Calendar

Sarah Zenaida Gould, executive director of the Mexican American Institute for Civil Rights in San Antonio, said she believes a piece of history has been lost over time for some and praised the university for its decision.

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“I think the more the public begins to understand the context of things like the Battle of the Alamo and the racial politics embedded in the Texas Revolution, I think the flag will only become more problematic if it’s allowed to stand,” she he said.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

Eighmy initially said in early August that the meaning of the flag could be different for different people and announced a plan for a task force to explore current and future traditions.

But last week, he said in a letter to the UTSA community that he would end the tradition and not continue with the task force.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

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Eighmy said in the memo that an online search revealed that several groups have adopted the slogan for specific causes in recent years, many of which have values ​​and agendas that differ from UTSA’s mission as a public university.

“The phrase — as well-intentioned as it was in its inception and adoption — has become increasingly inconsistent with UTSA Athletics and the mission and core values ​​of our institution,” he wrote. “For our athletics program and our university – each with so much promise and upward momentum – there is no benefit to be involved in a divisive issue that could carry into the future and have a negative impact on our progress” .

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Utsa 2023 Calendar

He tasked the vice president for intercollegiate athletics with working with football players, students, faculty, staff and alumni to create a new quarterback tradition that will be launched during the 2022 football season. .

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Since Eighmy announced his decision, a new petition urging the school to preserve the tradition has circulated online, with more than 3,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning. Lindee Fiedler, president of UTSA’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, said there is confusion among students in her organization about how using the flag is offensive. She wanted there to be a vote among the school community on what to do.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

“We’re really careful [to clear] history,” Fiedler said. “We don’t want to take away that historical context of our state and our school. … It inspires a lot of pride for most students. And who I think is offended by that is probably a small number of people.”

This is not the first time that the Board of Regents of the UT System has intervened to join the university tradition.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

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Regents upheld the University of Texas at Austin’s decision to keep “The Eyes of Texas” after students and faculty at the main university asked the school to stop singing the song over concerns about its origins in a campus minstrel show in the early 20th century. , where students likely wore blackface.

Eltife worked closely with UT-Austin President Jay Hartzell to develop a list of initiatives to improve diversity on campus and supports Hartzell’s decision to keep the song.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

“The Eyes of Texas has been the official school song of UT Austin for nearly 120 years,” Eltife said in October 2020. “To be clear, the UT System Board of Regents unequivocally and unanimously supports the announcement of President Hartzell that The Eyes of Texas is and will remain the school’s official song.”

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In San Antonio last weekend, UTSA football fans continued the tradition in a variety of ways, including waving smaller “Come and Get It” flags and chanting the phrase in the stands.

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Utsa 2023 Calendar

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The University of Texas at San Antonio is expected to receive expanded national exposure with its new membership in the American Athletic Conference, university officials announced Thursday.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

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The membership comes as the UTSA Roadrunners football team is off to a 7-0 start and is ranked No. 24 in the Associated Press’ top 25 college football teams — the top two in school history.

The conference board and commissioner approved UTSA’s membership along with other new members Charlotte, Florida Atlantic, North Texas, Rice and UAB.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

The six universities join the nine continuing American members – East Carolina, Memphis, Navy, South Florida, SMU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa and Wichita State, which play only basketball and Olympic sports.

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The Americana will compete as a 14-team league in football and men’s and women’s basketball, among other sports.

Utsa 2023 Calendar

“UTSA is on an incredible upward trajectory with a very bright future. (Thursday) represents an important milestone in this journey for our athletics program,” UTSA President Taylor Eighmy said in a news release. “Joining American is a bold opportunity for UTSA and builds on the university’s strong momentum. We are incredibly excited about the future.”

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Utsa 2023 Calendar

Utsa To Receive More National Media Exposure After Joining American Athletic Conference

“We are excited to join the American Athletic Conference and appreciate Commissioner Aresco and the conference’s board of directors for their vision and partnership,” UTSA Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Lisa Campos said in a news release. “This move will further elevate UTSA as a national brand and further our goal of transforming lives

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