Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

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The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell and UML) is a public research university located in Lowell, Massachusetts with a satellite campus in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It is the northernmost member of the University of Massachusetts Public University system and has been recognized by the New Gland Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) since 1975.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

With 1,110 faculty members and more than 18,000 students, it is the largest university in the Merrimack Valley and the second largest public institution in the state.

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The University offers 120 undergraduate, 43 master’s and 25 doctoral degrees, as well as nationally recognized programs in engineering, judicial justice, education, music, science and technology.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

It is one of the few public universities in the United States to offer a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, recording technology, nuclear technology, and plastic engineering. It was the first time a degree in music education had been awarded. According to the study, UMass Lowell is divided into six schools and colleges: the Faculty of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Faculty of Education; Knedy College of Science; Francis College of Engineering; Manning Business School; And Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell owes its origins to two institutions established in the 1890s: Lowell State College on the south bank of the Merrimack River and the Lowell Institute of Technology on the north. Each will follow the path of its expansion until the 20th century.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

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Lowell State College began as Lowell Normal School, established in 1894 as a training institution for female teachers. The 10th and last regular school in Massachusetts, it opened in 1898 with 108 students and 5 teachers. The original classroom building opened the following year at the corner of Broadway and Wilder Road and quickly became a city landmark.

Designed by local company Stickney & Austin, it reflects the fashion of the era: Beaux Arts, high style with classic symmetry, arches, light poles and yellow bricks. Its design was influenced in part by Lowell High School, which was also designed by Lowell native Frederick W. Stickney. Also. Frank Coburn, later named the Hall, served as its first principal until 1908.

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Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

After being threatened with closure during the Great Depression, school administrators mobilized local support to help keep it afloat. A delegation of prominent individuals representing Lowell’s influential interest groups traveled to Boston and convinced government officials of the importance of the school. As a result, the school not only survived, but continued to grow and expand. In 1950, Dr. Daniel O’Leary became president and initiated an ambitious building program. The campus physical plant expanded from a single structure to a post-war multi-story building, forming what became known as the UMass Lowell South Campus.

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As the demand for qualified teachers increased, the Legislature reorganized Lowell State College in 1960 with a curriculum that extended beyond education to include bachelor’s degrees in other fields, including nursing. And music. Beginning in 1967, the college was allowed to offer two additional degrees, the Master of Education and the Master of Music Education.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

Founded in 1895 as the Lowell Textile School, the institution was established to train technicians and managers to work in Lowell’s growing textile industry. Following in the footsteps of the obsolete Pennsylvania Polytechnic College, Lowell Textile is a joint venture between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and corporations seeking to establish a school dedicated to textile education. Under the direction of founder James T. Smith, Lowell Textile opened its doors in February 1897 on the upper floor of a commercial block in downtown Middle Street. The school offers a three-year training program on cotton and wool production, design, chemistry, textiles and dyeing.

In 1903 the school moved from downtown to its permanent location northwest of the Merrimack River. Reminiscent of the yellow brick factory, Southwick Hall is dedicated to the Royal and Diierexa Southwick. Southwick ancestor of wealthy businessman Frederick Ayer was the Quakers and Destroyers who came to Lowell in the 1820s to help find the Lowell Carpet. Years later, the school awarded its first bachelor’s degree in dyeing and textile processing.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

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In 1953, President Martin Lydon expanded the curriculum to include programs in plastics, leather, paper, and electronics, increased the provision of free art, and renamed the Lowell Institute of Technology.

He made a radical move toward general engineering at the institute, establishing a bachelor’s degree program in 1956. The textile program closed in 1971, reflecting the closure of most of the city’s factories.

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Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

Lowell State and Lowell Tech merged in 1975 to become Lowell University. Durgin Hall, with 1,000 seats, is dedicated to the music department.

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Under Chapter 142, the UMass system was redesigned to combine the Amherst, Boston, and Worcester branches with Lowell University and the University of Massachusetts Southeast (now UMass Dartmouth).

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

In 2019, the university settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against assistant Dean Oliver Ibe. The lawsuit was filed in 2017 by a young female employee. Ibe’s dean’s title was revoked and he returned to college despite a request from the college and staff to remove him from campus.

On June 15, 2021, the university’s technology services were affected by a cyber security incident. Universities are closed for one day, and live and online classes and other activities for the day are canceled. On June 20, all university account passwords were reset. On June 21, tech services such as Blackboard and Zoom were restored and the class finally resumed.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

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UMass Lowell is the second largest branch in the University of Massachusetts system and has three campuses: North, South and East. The University’s main facilities are located in Lowell, Massachusetts, 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Boston on either side of the Merrimack River. In the last five years, the university has increased the number of orphanages to more than 2,500 beds.

The university is governed by a six-member executive cabinet, which is chaired by the Chancellor. The current chancellor is Julie Ch, who was appointed in May 2022.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

Marty Meehan, former chancellor of UMass Lowell, is currently president of the University of Massachusetts Tire System. He took office in July 2015 after serving as chancellor since September 2007.

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The graduation rate for new students is 85% and the graduation rate is 63%. In 2016, 87% of new students rated their entire educational experience as “good” or “excellent”.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

The average combined SAT score (major reading and math) for students in the fall of 2018 was 1,233, up nearly 150 points from the fall of 2010, and the average GPA was 3.60, up from 3.18 in 2010.

47% of undergraduates have 20 courses or less in the fall semester of 2018. In 2018, UMass awarded a total of 2,798 bachelor’s degrees, 1,102 master’s degrees and 122 doctoral degrees.

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Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

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In 2018-2019, students’ annual tuition and fees are $ 15,180 (in-state), $ 26,441 (New Gland Regional & Proximity) and $ 32,827 (out-of-state). Tuition fees are $ 15,060, $ 22,871, and $ 26,840, respectively. Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, annual tuition and undergraduate tuition fees are $ 15,698 (in-state), $ 27,238 (new / near-end), $ 33,624 (out-of-state) and final $ 36. , 525 (International). Tuition fees are $ 15,210, $ 23,021, $ 26,990, and $ 29,841, respectively.

The university offers a variety of online courses. In 2018, its online rollmt totaled 30,932, which is 7.4% more than in 2017. In 2018, the total revenue for online classes was $ 39.1 million.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

Francis College of Engineering is named after James B. Francis, a hydraulic engineer who began his career in Lowell during the Industrial Revolution.

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The college is home to nearly 150 full-time colleges and 14 research centers and is fully accredited by ABET.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

UMass Lowell has a radiation laboratory that provides students with real-world experience in particle physics, nuclear engineering, and health physics.

The UMass Lowell Center for Baseball Studies is affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering. First funded in 1998, the venue is the official testing center for Major League Baseball, where bats and baseballs are tested. Among those who do research through the center are the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and full-time staff, as well as 6 to 12 laboratories.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

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Roy J. Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences includes the Solomont School of Nursing, which was installed from the Effective Department on June 1, 2013.

The college has more than 2,100 undergraduate students, 409 graduate students, 82 faculty members and six research centers.

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

The College offers seven undergraduate and graduate programs, including the only Doctoral Degree Program in Physical Therapy (DPT) offered by public institutions in Massachusetts. It also offers a unique degree in medicine science at the Commonwealth Public Institution. U.S. According to News & World, the Graduate Nursing Program is ranked 156th in the country, while the Graduate Physical Therapy Program is ranked 101st.

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Faculty of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Umass Lowell Calendar 2023

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