Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Torah Portion Calendar 2023 – March 14, 2023 “Look what Father Jehovah has given us! The corn is out!… Father’s timing is not perfect. Thank God”

“We have a lot of barley that the aviv is ready … .. keep the Feast with joy!” – Becca Biderman, Barley Inspector – Israel.

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Praise the Lord, our Father! The weather with barley aviv is perfect every year! According to Becca Biderman’s latest barley report (Acient Path New Moon) on March 6, 2023, there is enough official BARLEY AVIV to present the REAL Firstfruits to Yahweh Elohim on Yom HaNafat HaOmer (day of offering of the wave) in March. 12. 2023. Please see the March 6, 2023 inspection report below or by following this link to Ancient Paths and New Moon. Pesach is the same and Chag HaMatzot is the same!

Candle Lighting Times Year At A Glance

According to Becca Biderman’s latest barley report dated February 21, 2023, there is currently not enough aviv grain (medium dough) to form omer. However, unless Jehovah drastically changes the weather conditions, we are confident that there will be enough aviv grain to form an omer on Yom Yom HaNafat HaOmer (the Day of the Grain Sacrifice), which this year comes 19 days after Rosh HaShanah ( the new year). Therefore, we declare the new moon of February 21, 2023 as Rosh HaShanah (the beginning of the new Jewish year)!

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Below is the latest image from February 21, 2023, inspected by Becca Biderman of Ancient Path New Moon.

“In the field there are some broken seeds, some that you can’t distinguish with a thumbnail, some that are soft enough to be rolled into dough (bingo!). There are areas that remind me of last year’s first fruits “. – Becca Biderman, Israel.

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Purim At Beth Israel 2023

Now, Becca Biderman of Ancient Path New Moon is the only barley inspector who seems to know what a real wave beam is (and why you can’t get the “first” fruit mid-harvest!). He recorded his work, and it seemed as accurate as he could tell.

There are many other barley groups (Amalekites) whose work cannot be recommended in any way. They ignore Deuteronomy 16:9, define “first fruits” as a random bunch from the middle of the harvest, and add rules and definitions that Yahweh does not add, etc. They always seem a month (or sometimes two months) late, and try to devalue their brother Biderman’s work through (seemingly mean-spirited) tactics.

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Torah Portion Calendar 2023

While some groups have also seen the first crescent sliver of the new moon, as far as we can tell, only Becca Biderman’s sister has published an accurate barley report. His inspection now showed that there was already some barley in the aviv (medium dough) stage. Some stems are broken. When there is not enough for the omer on the day of the appearance of the new moon, the omer is not required today, but on the 19th day (the day of the Sheaf Grain Offering).

Calendar — Netzarim Antoecie

While Biderman’s brother does not make predictions, Nazarene Israel believes that if the Lord does not send dangerous weather (or does not interfere with what can be expected), there will be enough aviv grain on Yom HaNafat HaOmer to provide a wave beam supply. Based on this, Israel Nazarene announced the month of barley aviv, and Rosh HaShanah (New Year).

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

As explained in Establishing the Head of the Year, Feasts of the First Month, and other studies available on the NI website, it is only necessary to have enough barley aviv ready for the first omer (wave ) that offers the 15 or 21 of. the first month. As explained in the study, it would be a disaster if we declared Rosh HaShanah too late, because it would force the farmers in the land of Israel who have the first grain to ripen to do one of two things:

A) Or must break the Devarim (Deuteronomy 16:9) and begin the harvest before the first sacrifice was offered to the Lord for the nation. Or

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Cjl 2022 23 Calendar

B) Lose all or part of the grain harvest, while waiting an extra month for the leaders to announce Rosh HaShanah!

Declaring the first fruits to the Lord Elohim as ordered, and keeping the days that were determined according to the perfect time, the farmers did not need to lose their harvest; nor is he encouraged to disobey Jehovah’s commands.

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

For more on the declaration of Rosh HaShanah, visit the Nazarene Israel website to learn about the corn aviv and the Torah calendar.

Executive Jewish Calendar 5783: 2022 2023

Now, as of February 15, 2023, no grain has been found suitable to start the new Jewish year next month, when the new moon is “expected” to appear on February 22. There is also a small chance that the barley (photo #1) could be ready in the new month. Photo and explanation below from the Ancient New Moon Road, Becca Biderman-barley witness, Israel, February 14. Please stay tuned for the next update.

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Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Photo #1: The corn in photo #1 is not ready yet. This photo holds hope for the start of the new year next month, even though I’m not done hunting yet. So all my hopes are not in this place. [The flocks are already in the part of the field that does not violate the Torah.] – Becca Biderman.

Photo #2: “There is a lot of barley in the general area, but it mostly looks like barley in this photo. While the heads are tall and straight, there are no grains in the heads either.” – Becca Biderman

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Btw Mother’s Day Plant Sale 2023

Photo #3: “This is the white barley that you heard me talking about. It just came out of the body of the plant and will take a green color the next day. Compare it with the heads of wheat on both sides.” – Becca Biderman

Shalom! After examining the barley photographed on January 3 and January 19 (previous post), Becca Biderman admitted that the barley was further away than the barley in Galilee, but not close to the aviv stage. Below are Becca’s comments and inspection photos.

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Below are pictures of barley found on the land of Israel in January 2023. Becca Biderman (barley and new moon witness, Israel) reports that barley is moving forward early in this “growing season” , with the heads of barley shown in the image. Please watch for updates over the next week on barley development.

Counting Of The Omer

“I will visit the place in the photo yesterday [January 19, 2023] in the first half of next week. All I can say now is that this area has barley with visible heads. This is the importance of the photo. I have no. know if the heads have blossomed or died; I will know after I have visited. This rainy season has been the hottest in fifty years. It has rained little. Besides, we have seen fields of wild corn in my area. is not surprised to find a prosperous wheat field with everything that is not available in the earth and the sky.

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Torah Portion Calendar 2023

“The gear in the photo just proves that everything is happening so fast. Anyway, we are told by a group of weather nerds that the end of January is cold and rainy until February. I say good because it will slow down a bit . I for one love the green season very much. It never lasts long enough for me. Maybe, just maybe, we can get an extra month this year, idk. It’s up to Jehovah, I’ll just tell you what it is. do “. -Becca Biderman, Poria Illit, Israel.

Below is a field or field of wild wheat in the land of Israel. What is important is that there is a possibility of corn in the land of Israel. Image courtesy of sister Becca Biderman, Israel.

Torah Portion Calendar 2023

Calendar:david And Martha Stern, Family And Friends Celebrate The Holi

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Torah Portion Calendar 2023

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Torah Portion Calendar 2023

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Torah Portion Calendar 2023

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Torah Portion Calendar 2023

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