Snow And Graham 2023 Calendar

Snow And Graham 2023 Calendar – I have contributed some artwork to Studio On Fire’s 2023 calendar. As with all calendars, 6 different artists contribute their artwork, resulting in each artist creating artwork for two months.

The package is made into a stand, sealed with aluminum foil and made in Studio On Fire. The months and scrolls are letterpress printed, machined and assembled by hand with supports.

Snow And Graham 2023 Calendar

Snow And Graham 2023 Calendar

The cover was designed using all the elements of all the illustrations made by Studio On Fire.

Paper Source 2023 Land & Sky Wall Calendar

My design process started by thinking about what are the things I like to do with my best friends and what makes us best friends.

Snow And Graham 2023 Calendar

Best friends laugh together forever: at the silly skits they write, the pranks they pull, the weird dances they do, and all the silly things they encounter in their lives together. Best friends go silly together and that’s the best part! For the May calendar, I illustrated these fantastic best friends of a goofy frog and a fluffy cat, holding matching flowers and matching polka dots. These guys are absolutely goofy and definitely best friends!

For the November calendar, I illustrated a still life dedicated to my BFF, with whom I always eat donuts. Sprinkle two donuts. Apples and pears. A simple and perfect small table for a couple of best friends. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship.

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Snow And Graham 2023 Calendar

Wintry Conditions Persist On Okanagan Trails, Cosar Warns

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