Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar – Each year we collect school schedules for elementary school districts across the United States. We include the largest school district from each state, the 50 largest school districts in the country, and school districts within 100 miles of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This gives us 121 school districts and about 80% of the public school students in the country. We do everything we can to collect school timetables as school timetables are one of the best predictors of attendance levels. More children in school means fewer families in theme parks.

An important thing when looking at your school’s schedule is to realize that not all schools follow the same schedule. It is also important to note that not all school districts have the same effect on crowds. When evaluating school schedules, we consider distance from parks, size of school districts, and historical impact on congestion levels. For example, schools in Southern California will have a large impact on the crowds at Disneyland, but less impact on Walt Disney World.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

The calendars below show the percentage of students in session for each day. Each column is a different set of schools.

Skip The Lines At Disneyland: 9 Line Busting Tips For Less Waiting And More Playing

Fall holidays have become more popular and increasing crowds at Walt Disney World in October. This year, fewer schools are taking autumn holidays. This is because schools don’t want families to leave during a pandemic.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Depending on which day of the week Christmas falls, schools have different rules for when the break starts. Similarly, the day of the week that New Year’s Day occurs affects when students return to school. Since the Disney Marathon is the first weekend in January, the crowds are always full even with students going back to school.

Many schools in the Northeast have a President’s Day week. Schools in and around Louisiana have Mardi Gras week. If two holidays are in the same week, this makes the theme parks more crowded. Luckily, in 2022, President’s Day is on February 21st and Mardi Gras is on March 1st.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2018 And 2019

The timing of spring break changes from year to year. Some school districts link their recess to Easter. Some schools will have spring break linked to Easter if Easter is early. Some schools have holidays in the same week of the year regardless of Easter. Years like 2022, when Easter is late, spring break is spread from mid-March to mid-April. Easter is April 17, 2022.

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As long as the rate of covid-19 is high, the pandemic will prevent families from traveling, regardless of school schedules.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Helping to continue to achieve more accurate audience level forecasts, Steve finally found a way to combine his training in statistical analysis with a lifelong passion for Disney. He visited the Magic Kingdom for the first time in 1972, just months after it opened. Now she enjoys traveling regularly with her two children. At age four, her son insisted on wearing cowboy boots to meet the trail height requirement, and her daughter thinks a smoked turkey leg and a Dole Whip is a nutritious meal. Although she doesn’t get it right, Steve’s wife supports his Disney activities. Since June 1, Disneyland Park has seen crowd levels of up to a “9” or “10” on our scale 15 out of 24 days. Disney California Adventure is the same, with 9 days reaching “9” or more. Summer fare hikes for California residents appear to be the main reason for the increase in crowds.

March 2023 Disneyland Crowd Calendar

The summer campaign is nothing new, it is offered every year. Last summer a similar promotion was offered but the parks never reached “10” during the month of June. This summer, more Californians are buying tickets than usual. This increases attendance, especially during the week. However, it is not just a summer campaign. Going to California is usually high – high, actually. So, it’s time for a Disneyland Crowd calendar update.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

This update brings expansion across the board, especially between now and the end of September. You can expect Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to be at a “7” or higher almost every day. If the parks do not reach that level, it is usually due to bad weather.

If you plan to visit the Disneyland parks this summer, a prepared itinerary will be essential. Another great tip is to read all about Genie + at Disneyland in Becky’s great article here.

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Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Are Disney Crowd Calendars Accurate?

We recognize that when forecasted crowd levels increase, it is frustrating for visitors who have planned trips based on low crowd levels. Our philosophy is to provide the most accurate, up-to-date audience frequency forecasts we can based on all available information. If our previous predictions look too low, we want you to know now instead of finding out on Day 1 of your trip. We hope this allows you to prepare for the new growing crowds by adjusting your travel strategy or changing your dates. The good news is that one of the best ways to beat the crowds at the Disneyland Resort is to use a good itinerary. They are working! The higher the crowd level, the more time in line your itinerary will save. Use one and beat the mobs, regardless of level.

Fred Hazelton maintains a crowd calendar, models theme park wait times, and analyzes hotel ratings for the unofficial guides. He also developed new product models for mobile waiting times. Fred Hazelton is a mathematician working in Ontario, Canada. His email address is fred@. You can also follow him on Twitter: @DisneyStatsWhiz.Disney’s new 2022 audience calendar to help you plan your vacation! Including tips for planning the perfect date. I have to preface this post, this is just my opinion based on my experiences over the years. I have many things in mind, including history, school calendars, holidays and special events. I created a colorful calendar for each month of 2022.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

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Disney Crowd Calendar Updated With Park Hours November 2013

I get this question a lot! Unfortunately, gone are the days when you could go for a ride. There are times when it is very busy, but Disneyland is a popular tourist destination! With that in mind, there are a few things you can do to plan your visit around the crowds if your dates are flexible. But if you don’t mind, I have tons of tips to help you navigate the parks on a busy day!

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disney has many events and holidays that they celebrate these days. It is important to know these times when planning your trip. Find out more about when each holiday period starts. Or if other events are scheduled throughout the year such as the Food & Wine Festival, Grad Nites, and after-hours events. If you want to know when they changed Haunted Mansion or Small World to a holiday overlay, that information is above this post!

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You will notice that all the weekends in the calendar below are in red. The weekends are always packed regardless of the season. People don’t work, children don’t have school and it’s very simple. So if you can avoid red days, weekends and public holidays that would be my suggestion. When the kids get out of school, you can expect the parks to be crowded! But not everyone who can go during the week sees this. And that’s why I created tips for navigating the crowd. And my first tip, go to the rope.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disney World High Temperatures Year Round

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to travel with less crowds. Keep in mind that during times of low attendance there are often shorter park hours, closed rides and less entertainment.

But really when you go if you have a good itinerary you will have a great time, there is a lot to see and do in the parks. Start your day early and use these itineraries to extend your day at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. If you want custom itineraries made by me, see this post.

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

If you expect to go in 2021 or 2022, I would suggest purchasing discounted tickets from Get Away Today. The tickets are good until 12/31/2022, have no expiry date and are sent via email immediately after purchase. That’s why I use Get Away Today! Plus, you can get an extra $10 off your vacation (tickets + hotel) when you use the TOURGUIDE promo code. See this post for hotel reviews.

How To Manage & Avoid Crowds In Disney World

February 13 is the Super Bowl in L.A. this year. Many from abroad can visit the parks that weekend. February 21 is President’s Day and many schools will be closed the week of February 21-25. Spring break runs from March 7 – 11 in Arizona. Then during the month of April many schools in CA, AZ, NV, NM,

Most Accurate Disneyland Crowd Calendar

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