Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023 – Fashionista Chu is the director of the concept. Stars editing photo calendar by Sincil Celluloid.

This time, the Manorama Calendar app, which shines for the show of some of our biggest stars in a unique, exciting remake, will offer a glimpse into a parallel universe where the war between good and evil is going on with hard fight The most popular stars of Malayalam cinema will appear before you as superhuman warriors with superhuman strength and speed. The concept and design of the calendar prepared in collaboration with Joy Alukas Group is Monger Monger.

Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

Stills of Jayasurya, Bhavana, Suraj Venjaramodu, Namitha Pramod, Sania Iyyappan and Shine Tom Chacko who participated in the shoot are now available. In addition to them, the positions of other stars will also be presented in different roles in the next few days. Create an amazing world by experimenting with clothes and accessories that will surely arouse your curiosity. Fashionista Chu is the director of the concept. Stars editing photo calendar by Sincil Celluloid.

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Jayasurya’s character is a half-human, half-god warrior of great strength. In the polar regions, where the difference between day and night is less, he is their leader, who protects his tribe from enemies and leads their hunts.

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Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

Bhavana is the queen of the forest and the savior of all beings. It is a novel version. It is also the current keeper of the mystical secrets of the forest that have been passed down from generation to generation. The big key in your hand is the symbol.

Fierce, rugged and powerful, Suraj is an unstoppable warrior. His unique power is his wings. After the great battle, he died with bloody wounds.

Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

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Sania is a strong fighter. A warrior of the age with superhuman powers, he raised an army and led it. A pat on the back for your efforts.

Namitha portrays a determined warrior who fights against inequality and injustice in the city. His travels and adventures are nightmarish, reminiscent of Robin Hood. While his thick suit suits the city, his weapon is a traditional bow. The aim is to end inequality in the city.

Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

Shine Tom Chacko plays a character with the ability to control anyone’s mind with his hypnotic gaze. You are controlling thoughts with your fingers. They will be your puppet. Given the complexity of his state of mind and thinking, no one can predict what this character will do.

Calendar Malayalam Pdf Download

The Manorama Calendar app has been enhanced by adding a personal organizer to the digital form of the Manorama Calendar, a favorite of Malayalis for decades. A blend of traditional and modern, the app has English calendar, Malayalam calendar, Indian national calendar and Islamic calendar. There are both Travancore and Malabar tribes.

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Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

Important dates and events can be recorded and set alarms. You can include people to see and things to do each day in your calendar. Manorama Calendar also works seamlessly with calendars on your phone or other device. The app also has a mechanism to find horoscopes and share them through social media. Also easy to find good times, sunrise, sunset, prayer times and festivals. The important information of Panchangam is also included in the calendar. With one touch, all the information for the day will appear on the page.

The app has many features that are perfect for a new normal life. Schedule and calendar information can be reviewed and evaluated on a weekly and monthly basis. Tasks can be important. Notes can be made as needed and the information converted to a file.

Malayala Manorama Calendar 2023

Malayalam Calendar 2023 Pdf

The appeal of this calendar app is the ability to maintain balance between personal and professional life. Given the busy professional life, it is natural to forget many important events in personal life. Manorama Calendar app will definitely help you in such situations.

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