Lunar Calendar July 2023

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Looking for a free printable 2023 monthly calendar? Do you want it to be both cute and aesthetic? Great! You may fall in love with these 2023 calendars with moon phases. You can download these 2023 monthly calendar templates for free. Entertainment!

Lunar Calendar July 2023

Lunar Calendar July 2023

These cute prints I created show the 2023 lunar cycle. You can use these printables as an addition to your planner or as cheat sheets to add moon phases to other printable calendars.

Hawaiian Moon Calendar Ke Ala O Ka Mahina

You may have already printed my elegant 2023 calendar, but you can download and print your own 2023 moon phase calendar here. Links to download printables can be found below each image.

Lunar Calendar July 2023

Each printable file is US Letter in size, but black and white files can be resized for other paper sizes (eg A4).

Calendar templates include all months and the four main lunar phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and third quarter.

Lunar Calendar July 2023

When Is The Next Full Moon? Your 2023 Full Moon Calendar

Notice. The dates for each stage depend on your time zone and where you are in the world. These dates apply to the Northern Hemisphere and specifically to the East Coast of the United States.

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Lunar Calendar July 2023

A tip. If you want to know about Chinese calendar year/Chinese lunar calendar or Chinese zodiac, I like to use this website for more information.

Gujarati Calendar 2023

If you want to observe the moon, there are dates for that. Please note that these dates are for the Northern Hemisphere and specifically for the US East Coast.

Lunar Calendar July 2023

You can find the dates of new moon phase, first quarter moon phase, full moon phase and third quarter phase on lunar calendar printouts.

The new moon is the first phase of the moon. It starts when the moon is not visible from earth.

Lunar Calendar July 2023

Lunar January 2023 Calendar Moon Phases Templates With Dates

The waxing crescent moon is the second phase of the moon. The visible part of the moon grows larger each day until it becomes a crescent moon – the first quarter.

The crescent (moon) is the curved crescent-shaped illuminated part of the moon. It is smaller than a semicircle.

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Lunar Calendar July 2023

The first quarter moon is the third phase of the moon. This happens when the Moon is about a quarter of the way around the Earth.

Full Moon Calendar 2023: Which Days Will Have A Full Moon In 2023?

The waxing hunchback moon is the fourth phase of the moon. Occurs when more than half of the Moon is visible from Earth, but less than all of it.

Lunar Calendar July 2023

A hump (moon) means that the illuminated part is larger than a semicircle and smaller than a full circle.

After the full moon comes the waning hunchback moon. The visible part of the moon gets smaller every day until it becomes the third quarter, which is the crescent moon.

Lunar Calendar July 2023

Full Moon July 2023: The Full Buck Moon

The waning crescent occurs after third quarter, when the moon shrinks each day until it is no longer visible, making it a new moon again.

ADVICE. Print each calendar template on a separate page (and add monthly calendar pages) and you can create your own custom calendar/planner.

Lunar Calendar July 2023

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