Ccsd 2023 23 Calendar

Ccsd 2023 23 Calendar – CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Mark your calendars, the 2022-2023 academic calendar has been finalized and approved at Monday’s school board meeting.

There were two options available; another option was chosen. It includes an intersessional week to improve students who may need more practice. A week in October will be set aside.

Ccsd 2023 23 Calendar

Ccsd 2023 23 Calendar

It also has a Christmas holiday from 23 December to 6 January. John Prezas, the school’s senior director of leadership, said it’s important to gather input from the community.

Ccsd Approves 2020 2021 Academic Calendar

“We had a lot of ideas about the calendar, we had two options available to the public, one option was interest in the spring, and the other during the winter break was the difference in both options, in the end one was chosen.” he said.

Ccsd 2023 23 Calendar

A concern for families and teachers was the proposal to add more time to the school year; that was excluded because of the involvement of families and teachers.

Susie SaldaƱa, president of C-Cause United Teachers and Employees, said she was glad they didn’t extend the day.

Ccsd 2023 23 Calendar

Ccsd School Times Change For 2022 2023

He said: “It was a slap in the face, so now we are very happy, the fact that they included us and we can make changes and they listen to us has been a very good thing for us,” he said. he said so.

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