Bps Calendar 2023

Bps Calendar 2023 – As we celebrate our graduates and wrap up what has been the strangest end of the school year in our lives, we are also proactively thinking about the upcoming school year. In this week’s Family Update, we want to share a few things we already know about the coming year and let you know our plans for any scenarios we might face. This includes several program changes for the 2020-2021 school year designed to give Breakthrough Schools teachers and leaders time to learn together and maximize their impact on your students.

Online Calendar: We are very excited to announce that we will be moving to a unified online calendar. This means that all our schools will have the same first day, last day and days off. We see many benefits in this streamlined approach to the school year, including easier planning for families with students in two or more of our schools.

Bps Calendar 2023

Bps Calendar 2023

Key dates: Our current plan is for the school year to begin on Monday, August 17th and end on Friday, May 28th.

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School Week: All schools will start at 8:00am and end at 3:20pm Tuesday through Friday. We are currently planning an early dismissal every Monday at 1:00 PM starting on

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Bps Calendar 2023

We know this is a big change for many of our families, but we believe this time dedicated to our educators is critical to supporting them in providing an excellent educational experience for each student and ensuring we are prepared for whatever may be in store for us the following years. We also plan to use this time to increase our focus on areas we know are important to families, including social-emotional learning and diversity, equity and inclusion. We fully understand the implications of this change and will actively work with each school and community to share all available after school options and resources for these early dismissal months.

Scenario Planning: Given all the unknowns about what the COVID-19 situation will be like in late summer and fall, and at the direct recommendation of the Governor (see video below), we are planning for every possible scenario. While we certainly hope to return to brick-and-mortar school buildings in the fall, we are also preparing for the ability to turn high-quality distance learning on and off as needed. Our promise is to do *everything* we can to give you and your students the best educational experience possible, and we know that preparation for any scenario will be key.

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Bps Calendar 2023

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In conclusion, we focus on proactive and responsible planning for the coming school year. You are all at the forefront of our thoughts at all times, and delivering on our promise of a high-quality education for your students is always our number one priority.

We all wish you the best as we enter the summer season and look forward to staying in touch, for now virtually and hopefully soon in person. Take care and all the best.

Bps Calendar 2023

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