Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023 – WACO, Texas () — Baylor University will reopen on January 4, 2021, and plans to begin classes on January 18 with in-person and face-to-face instruction, university president Dr. Linda A. Livingston said.

“After reviewing recent Omicron projections and our internal models, we did not find that starting the spring semester remotely would prevent a significant number of COVID-19 infections within our campus community,” Livingston said.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Livingston reminded students and staff that the COVID-19 vaccines, especially with the booster, “are the best protection available against severe reactions to the omicron variant.”

Hathaway Brown School

North Village Community Center (NVCC) will offer free COVID-19 testing to employees and their families Wednesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Health center staff will resume administering Covid vaccines, booster doses and flu shots at the NVCC vaccination clinic on January 12.

All employees not currently in hybrid or permanent telework arrangements are expected to return to work on campus Jan. 10 unless they take sick or vacation leave, Livingston said.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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Except for some indoor locations where appropriate social distancing is not possible, Baylor announced that all classrooms and labs used for academic instruction will require face coverings for at least the first two weeks of the spring semester.

The university encourages face coverings in all interior spaces on campus, including corridors and hallways, “as well as in the Waco community given the region’s continued low vaccination rates.”

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

The university will provide free N95 masks to employees who want an extra level of precaution. Student representatives are working with the Baylor Calendar Committee to make changes for the 2022 spring semester. Illustrated by Christina Canady

Spring 2023 Convocation Address:

The academic calendar is planned years in advance, however, it can be modified as the school year progresses. This can be seen in the spring of 2020 and the spring and winter storms of 2021 with the cancellation of individual classes due to the pandemic. Recently the Calendar Committee has released several updates showing many breaks and important dates for winter, spring and summer.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Specifically, for the spring semester of 2022, students are provided with a comprehensive list of dates that include the first day of classes, start dates, exam days, and breaks. Along with the regular MLK Junior Day university holiday, students also have a week of spring break, Easter vacation including the following Monday, and the traditional Diadeloso.

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Cedar Park sophomore Carly Deal sat as a student representative on the calendar committee and shared how the decision to include breaks this semester was difficult. During the No Spring Break 2021 talk, Deal explained that he stressed the importance of breaks for students. After the winter storm, Dill shared how he advocated not making up lost days because he personally believed the storm caused more pain and stress than relief.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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“I really stressed how important recess is, how students suffer because they’re not given a chance to rest and I think that really affects students,” Dill said. “Honestly compared to this semester it was just the circumstances, I think the goal is to get back to normal and get back to where it was pre-Covid.”

Hutto senior Bradley Graham sat as a student representative on the calendar committee and shared his experience of being in the room when decisions are made that affect the entire university. Graham felt that he was sometimes taking up too much time when discussing a topic, but assured the committee that they wanted to hear from students.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

“Just in terms of COVID-19, I think they want to hear how we’ve handled it this past year, how things look, and really the emphasis on mental health,” Graham said. “The two of us [student representatives] probably spoke 40% of the meeting, while the faculty, staff and president spoke for the other 60%.”

Baylor University Moves Forward With In Person Learning For Spring Semester

Asked about being on the committee and how it works, Graham said it’s an opportunity for all branches of the university to work together and produce a calendar that considers what students want. It is important to pay attention to how the relationship of respect between students and faculty progresses, both inside and outside the committee. On the university’s decision to make amends this spring after the storm, Deal explained that while he finds it honorable and respectful, he still sees how students can push back.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

“I’m not the only one trying to frame it that way. They’re very welcoming and want to hear our ideas,” Graham said.

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As the committee makes rough plans through the fall of 2023, it is important to update the calendar with new information during breaks and important academic days. The Calendar Committee focuses on many aspects of the university, ensuring that they listen to students’ voices and work towards a harmonious solution.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Fall Commencement Set For Saturday, Dec. 10

“We understand why it has to be this way, but in the future … let’s try to eliminate some of those days and times because it’s so important,” Graham said. February is Black History Month, so this month, Baylor and the city of Waco are hosting several events to celebrate black history in the United States.

February 5 3 o’clock “Lorraine Hansberry Documentary” | The film is about the creation of the play “A Raisin in the Sun”. Written in 1959, the play is about a low-income family receiving $10,000 from a life insurance policy and how the new money causes stress in the family. The documentary features cameos from the original cast.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

February 6 | 3 o’clock “Black Art: In the Absence of Light” | This feature documentary covers the exhibition “Two Centuries of Black American Art” by David Driskell. This exhibition is the first survey of African American art exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1976.

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February 7 | 3 o’clock “Miss Juneteenth” | The film was written and directed by Baylor alumnus Channing Godfrey Peeples. “Miss Juneteenth” is a movie about a single mother and former teenage beauty who enters her daughter in a local Miss Juneteenth pageant. The film won South West and Blackstar Film Festival South Awards.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

February 8 | 3 o’clock “Ravyn Lenae: The Little Desk Concert” | This is a series hosted by National Public Radio (NPR) Music where artists and their bands are invited into the studio to perform their songs at a small table. Ravin Lane is a contemporary R&B artist who recently released the EP “Moon Shoes”.

February 9-10 | 3 o’clock Poetry Recitation Porsha Olaiwola is a writer, presenter and futurist, according to her website. Oliwola uses Afro-futurism, a movement in literature, music and art, with futuristic themes involving black history.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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February 5 6:30 pm | Jazz ‘n’ Stanza | Located in the SUB Den, it is hosted by Zeta Pi Beta Sorority, chartered at Baylor in 1972. This event is an open mic night to share a song or poem in honor of Black History Month.

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February 23 | 3:30 p.m Black History in the Archives | Carroll Library Attendees will learn more about Waco’s black history through historic photos and more.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

February 11 | 10 am to 12.30 pm. | Black History Month Walk Beginning at the McLennan County Courthouse and ending on Washington Avenue, Adrian Kane of the Baylor Institute for Oral History and Dr. Led by Stephen Sloan, this tour will explore the local African American history of downtown Waco.

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Maybourne Museum Complex all month Artifact spotlights will be posted on Maybourne’s social media. Inside the museum, there is an African American history and 1930s Dust Bowl exhibit that will be on display throughout the month of February. Please be advised that if you plan to stay at WACO while taking classes and face-to-face classes for the upcoming semester, you must complete the steps listed below…

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Whether you plan to live in one of Baylor University’s residence halls (undergrad/grad) or in a neighborhood community surrounding Baylor University, be sure to research and arrange your housing for academics. year

. As Baylor’s student population continues to grow, both on-campus and off-campus housing options near campus fill up quickly.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Harvard Finishes Battle Against Baylor University

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 and Baylor University, click here. For more general questions about arrival and check-in, please contact us at [email protected].

Click here for information on the Centers for Disease Control’s COVID procedures and to complete those that apply to you.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

: When you arrive in Waco, after receiving your Baylor ID card and a copy of your I-94, you must complete the “Electronic Check-in for Early Students” request in your Global Bear account. When this option is available, submit the appropriate check-in documents listed below:

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When you arrive in Waco, follow each of the steps below to obtain and submit your I-94 form:

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

All international students take face-to-face classes

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