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Bard Academic Calendar – Bard College in Annandale-in-Hudson. Thanks to a grant from the Gochman Family and Open Society Foundations, the university will expand and rename its program from American Studies to American and Indian Studies.Karl Rabe

RED HOOK – On Wednesday, Bard College announced it received a $25 million grant from the Gochman Family Foundation and a $25 million grant from George Soros and the Open Society Foundations to support Native American and Indigenous studies of undergraduate and graduate students. art.

Bard Academic Calendar

Bard Academic Calendar

This $50 million windfall, which the school calls a “transformational endowment gift,” will fund the Center for Indigenous Studies, allow for new faculty appointments, and create scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. In recognition of this change, the university’s American Studies program has been renamed American Indian Studies, and the department will be equipped with a chair for prominent scholars of American Indian and Native Studies.

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Christian Ayne Crouch, Bard’s Associate Professor of History and American and Native American Studies and Dean of the Graduate School, said the school was delighted when the Gochman Family Foundation approached it.

Bard Academic Calendar

“We offered courses covering Native American history, literary traditions, religion and philosophy,” he said. “Now we can create a platform that can continue to grow and start new interdisciplinary discourses and make them permanent.”

The grant came at a time when the school had already begun focusing efforts on Native American and Indian history. Last January, The Mellon Foundation awarded Bard a $1.49 million grant as part of its Humanities for All Times initiative to “Rethink Place: Bard-on-Mahicantuck.” (Mahicantuck, the Hudson River’s original and Algonquian name, means “water that flows in two directions.”) The three-year project focuses on Native Americans and Native American Studies within Bard’s American Studies curriculum, creating a single institutional relationship with Native Americans. It is designed to create an expanded understanding of land awareness beyond covering history.

Bard Academic Calendar

Bard High School Early College Dc (bard Dc)

Bard himself did the job of scouting the land. A few years ago, the school created a certificate of commendation in partnership with the Stockbridge-Munsee Community Band of Mohican Indians, a land they have inherited from generation to generation. “In the spirit of truth and fairness, we gratefully and humbly acknowledge that we are gathered on the sacred ground of the peoples of Munsee and Muh-he-conneok, the original stewards of the land.”

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Wednesday’s announcement said the grant would accelerate Bard’s existing work in this area and develop a broader university-wide programming initiative in consultation with the Forge Project, a Taghkanic-based organization led by Candice Hopkins (Carcross/Tagish member First Nation). 2021 by philanthropist Becky Gochman and former New York gallery owner Zach Feuer. These initiatives include open programming and exhibitions, visiting scholars, acquisitions of archives and libraries, and publications.

Bard Academic Calendar

The Forge Project focuses on supporting leaders in the fields of postcolonial education, indigenous arts, culture, food security and territorial justice. Recognizing that Forge is located in the homeland of Muh-he-conneok, which has not been ceded, according to a statement, Forge “works to change the political and social systems that have been shaped through generations of settler colonialism.”

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The Forge Project was set up in 2021 in Taghanick, Muh-he-conneok’s unallocated hometown. It focuses on indigenous arts and culture and is home to six fellows. thatcher kits

Bard Academic Calendar

As part of the grant, Hopkins joined the faculty of the Bard’s Center for Curatorial Studies as an Indigenous Art History and Curatorial Studies Fellow. To begin her gift, Hopkins, who graduated from CCS in 2003, will lead the archives collection next year displaying Native Americans and Native history and curating major exhibitions of contemporary Native American art. She will also teach a one-year course at CCS that focuses on topics relevant to Aboriginal and Aboriginal art history and curatorial studies, using Forge’s collection of contemporary Aboriginal art and hosting talks with living artists.

“This gift represents the institutional change we have been building at Bard and is central to the Forge project vision,” Hopkins said in her statement. “This land is full of stories inextricably linked to the migration and deportation of indigenous peoples, but it is also rich in knowledge,” she says. This gift provides the foundation for building the future of this knowledge to change and expand discourse across Native Americans and Amerindian studies, art history or curatorial practice.”

Bard Academic Calendar

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This endowment will also support efforts to increase student enrollment from historically underserved populations and geographic regions, including Native Americans and Native communities, through undergraduate and graduate-only scholarships that cover tuition, tuition, materials, and living expenses. Improve support for recruitment and retention.

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“Critically, (the gift) lowers the barriers to higher education and recognizes that students want to attend programs that reflect their interests,” said Hopkins.

Bard Academic Calendar

“To meaningfully attract and support students from marginalized and overlooked communities, we must create an environment that validates and respects their experiences,” he said. “This grant places us among thought leaders about the responsibility of higher education to Native American and Indian communities.”

Toward A Global Public Sphere

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Bard Academic Calendar

We garnered over 4,000 votes in 26 categories this year. Here are the best of the best winners (and runners-up) from the Hudson Valley. Bard College is renowned for its 160-year history as a competitive and innovative undergraduate institution. Over the years, the university has expanded its program to include:

Bard’s growing network is designed to provide a quality liberal arts education to students around the world. This success stems from the belief that this type of education can and should be available to all.

Bard Academic Calendar

Men’s Soccer Vs. Bard College — York College / Cuny

COVID-19 hit the US about three weeks before Bard’s annual open house for admitted students. Universities have had to reconsider in-person learning, student activities and major admissions events like this in just a few days in March 2020. Public Health and Safety.

In this situation, the admissions office had to find a virtual platform that could showcase exactly the opportunities Bard College had to offer, and create a space for students and their families to ask questions of current faculty, staff, and students.

Bard Academic Calendar

With a very tight schedule and very specific requirements in mind, he developed a strategy that would allow Bard College to host the event without compromising on schedule or content.

Bard College To Bolster Native Studies After $50 Million Gift

First things first: Bard College has created an informative home page where students and their families can log in and access all the details they need to understand what the event has to offer. Clear guidelines were important to this audience, as most attendees had never experienced a virtual event before.

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Bard Academic Calendar

A bird’s-eye view of the entire campus was designed and featured on the front page of the event. This helped the students in attendance get a feel for the whole place and feel comfortable with the different locations. In addition to the event calendar, Bard College also provided audiences with a fixed location on a map of the campus, allowing attendees to move from one event to another by clicking on specific buildings and facilities on the map, as if walking from one event. From one session to another with the next event. direct session.

Bard College wanted to provide students and their families with an experience that was nothing short of an in-person event. Thus, the virtual open house kicked off with welcome remarks from Mackie Siebens himself and Bard College President Leon Botstein.

Bard Academic Calendar

Advantage Partner: Bard College

The Virtual Open House has provided Bard College with many opportunities it may not otherwise have experienced. These include:

The first problem usually associated with virtual events is the loss of human interaction. In practice, the opposite is often the case. Bard College has provided a live chat facility at each booth where new students can interact with current Bard faculty, staff, and students. This includes private 1:1 conversations with Bard representatives and group chats in available chat rooms.

Bard Academic Calendar

A virtual auditorium has been created to host live webinars and collectively address the audience. To inform remote audiences, the times for each session were made available on the home page and in the auditorium prior to the event.

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Bard uploaded a video tour of the campus to a virtual platform, allowing students to imagine visiting the campus in person.

Bard Academic Calendar

When we say “open house,” we mean an open house. Bard College did not allow the audience to feel alienated from a space they could have explored on their own. The 360-degree imagery allowed families to tour the interiors and facilities of the university residence halls and student rooms, as well as stunning views and outdoor spaces.

Just as students never come back empty-handed from an open house, virtual open houses were no different. virtual stores like

Bard Academic Calendar

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