2023 Chinese Calendar

2023 Chinese Calendar – During the holidays, the Chinese primarily focus on festivals and spending free time with family. The holidays we know in the West are not as popular in China and are treated like any other day. And so it is with others for our Christmas. In addition, China uses a lunar calendar, which means that most holidays fall on different dates each year. In this article, we will discuss the customs associated with the Chinese holiday and how businesses operate during this time.

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival (Chūnjié in Chinese) or Lunar New Year, is China’s most important holiday. Although it lasts about a week, the celebrations often last for two weeks. Originally, the main purpose of the day was to welcome the new year and honor the gods and ancestors. However, now the focus is on catching up with your immediate family, eating together and ringing in the new year.

2023 Chinese Calendar

2023 Chinese Calendar

Apartments and houses can be seen decorated with traditional lights today. People put stickers on their doors with the Chinese character 福 (fu) for “blessing”. Another tradition is to give red envelopes with money inside to children and the elderly. There is no specific amount to be given as a gift. Thus, some envelopes contain only a symbolic amount, while others can even reach hundreds of Chinese yuan.

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It should also be remembered that in China each year is associated with a certain zodiac sign. 2021 is the year of the ox and 2022 is the year of the lion. In 2023, the leading animal will be the rabbit. The Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start a business with the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese love to mix zodiac animals with their marketing campaigns. Therefore, before the holidays, you can find many promotions or special collections dedicated to a certain animal.

2023 Chinese Calendar

All factories and businesses remain closed during Lunar New Year. When ordering goods from Chinese sellers, they may inform you that your shipment may be delayed by up to a month due to the holiday. So if you want to contact your Chinese business partner, let them know a few weeks before or after the holiday. That way, you won’t interfere with their rituals and celebrations.

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Chingming Ji (清明节) is equivalent to the Christian holiday – All Saints’ Day, which is celebrated in November. The most important part of the day is visiting the graves and honoring the ancestors by cleaning and burning artifacts (usually money). The Chinese believe that burnt objects will reach their dead relatives. They will also give the ancestors their favorite foods and wines that Chinese people leave on their graves.

2023 Chinese Calendar

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Qingming Festival means a few days off, so all businesses and factories will be closed. However, this is not a long-lasting vacation. So you can contact your Chinese business partners again after this short period.

Unlike other Chinese holidays, Labor Day is not marked according to the lunar calendar. So it falls on the same date every year. There are no special holidays on this day, but a popular way of spending time is going out and seeing family. Since the holiday occurs during the hot season, you can attend many outdoor festivals or events.

2023 Chinese Calendar

The story of the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 Duānwǔ jié) is dedicated to the ancient Chinese poet and scholar Qu Yuan. Legend has it that Ku Kuan was a loyal servant of the Chu Kingdom. For some time he has shown moderate wisdom and intelligence that has been subject to criticism from other employees. Accused of perjury and conspiracy against the king, he was banished from the country. Qu Yuan tied a rock to his chest, jumped into the Miluo River and committed suicide in a painful situation. The townspeople searched for him day and night, navigating the river in their dragon boats. Therefore, the annual festival is associated with the “waiting” of the poet’s body. As legend has it, it still lies at the bottom of the river.

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Rice mushrooms called zongzi are the most popular dish at the Dragon Boat Festival. Rice wrapped in bamboo leaves (mixed with sweet or salty ingredients) is anything but.

2023 Chinese Calendar

It is the second most important Chinese holiday after the Spring Festival. According to the lunar calendar, it is a day when the whole family gathers together to eat a meal (preferably outside) and honor the moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节 Zōngqiū jié) is associated with the legend of the Chinese Moon God – Chang and the White Rabbit. This holiday sees many advertisements featuring a white rabbit sitting under the moon, as these are two important symbols.

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During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese eat moon cakes, the traditional delicacy of the day. Traditionally, they have red bean paste, but recently watermelon, lotus or ice cream served in a cold form of delicacy has become popular. Almost all food related companies offer unique mooncakes filled with various fillings during this period.

2023 Chinese Calendar

China Public Holiday Calendar In 2022, 2023

As with Chinese New Year, all factories and businesses are closed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, this does not mean that the business is not booming, as there is a lot of competition in the market during this period among the companies selling mooncakes. Therefore, if you have a food-related company that can participate in the competition, you should not contact your Chinese business partners because they will be busy with the process.

National Day is the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Also known as “Golden Week”, this is when Chinese travel around the country to meet relatives or go on vacation. This is the time when the prices of plane tickets and some popular attractions go up drastically due to the influx of tourists and tourists.

2023 Chinese Calendar

When traveling to China for business or tourism, you should be aware of holidays when shops, restaurants, and companies are closed or open at irregular hours. Keep in mind that Chinese New Year is the most important and holiday season in terms of tourist numbers. Air ticket prices will be at their highest during this period and it will be almost impossible to contact your Chinese business partner. Android ASP Astrology Bitcoin Blowfish Built C# Calendar CD-DVD China Cryptography Des Coding Ethereum Flash GB2312 General H Herong History HTML Java JavaScript JDBC JSP JVM Linux Molecule Cinema Music MySQL Perl PHP Physics PKI Publishing Python Reference Rest Soap Sorting Swing TV Series UML Unicode WebScript Web Web Services Windows WSDL XML XMLPad XSD XSL-FO

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Want to know when is Chinese New Year in 2023? Looking for free Chinese calendars for 2023?

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2023 Chinese Calendar

Chinese New Year (Chinese: 春節, 春天, Chūnji; consists of periods starting from New Year’s Day and beginning on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar. The Chinese New Year season ends with the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the month. Chinese New Year and other festivals have more.

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2023 Chinese Calendar

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People born in the Year of the Rabbit are the luckiest of the “twelve animals”. The rabbit is a symbol of compassion, grace, love and the worship of beauty. People born in this year are kind, gentle, calm, peaceful and loving people. They like to live a simple life. They are reserved people, love art and have a strong sense of justice. Whatever they do, they will start well and end well. This trait can make them a learned scientist. More…

Rabbits are somewhat introverted and withdrawn individuals. People born under this sign prefer to work in the background instead of being the center of attention in any situation. Don’t get the rabbit wrong. In fact, he is a very friendly personality who enjoys the company of a good group of friends, whether it’s a business lunch or a holiday. Rabbits like to be part of a group as opposed to their leader. More…

2023 Chinese Calendar

What is a solar calendar? What is a lunar calendar? What are the terms of the day? How many months in a Chinese calendar year? If you are interested in these questions, read the Chinese calendar information.

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2023 Chinese Calendar

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2023 Chinese Calendar

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